Now YOU can have a fashionable address! addresses are full POP3 addresses, plus Webmail.
* Difference between POP and Webmail
LIFE TIME address!
Your address is totally independent
of your ISP or your location.
Even when traveling or moving,
your address remains the same.
You can use your address with Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook,
** email program,
AND you can also access it with WebMail, when you are away from your
main computer. instantly sets you apart from the yahoos
and others with similarly unpredictable email accounts.
A respectable address makes a huge difference!
Fast address change: If you get too much spam to your address,
simply tell us what you want as the new official address.
Your user name remains the same. Only the address, that senders have to use,
to get through to you, changes.
Funnelling: You can have different addresses funneling into ONE mailbox,
and then file them into departments on your computer,
after you have answered them.
For example, you can have , and, funneling into .

No need to remember to check many different accounts!
Splitting: You can split your mail off to other people.
For example, you can split to go to you at,
AND to
AND to the drop shipper at,
even if they are in different countries.
Creative Options: If you have any email requirements not listed here,
discuss them with us. You have live support at
and you will never be arguing with an auto-responder.
MailWasher: addresses work fine with MailWasher and other
spam control programs. is on a reliable WEBBY server and is quite
suitable for business and banking correspondence.

To order a address, you can use the secure cart or email to Support.
Order it now, before somebody else grabs your name!
No reservations. Order it now, before somebody else does.

Also check out:

Low Cost Sub-Domains

You can also get a $2.50 sub-domain at ,
for example
That includes 10 email addresses!
It also includes FTP, SSH, CGI, PHP, mySQL. etc.
Order it now, before somebody else grabs your name!
No reservations. Order it now, or lose it.

Regular domains are $4.50 for a small one, and $10.50 for a full size.

* Difference between POP and Webmail
A POP email program is on your computer and suitable for filing your mail into
different departments and projects. Good POP programs like Eudora or Pegasus
allow you to collect and file mail for decades.

Webmail is intended for peeking while away from your main computer.
You can read and answer your mail and write fresh emails, but you leave the
mail on the server, until you get home to your main machine and pull it off
the server with your POP email program, and then file it properly.

You can also use Webmail to delete unwanted mail. If somebody sent you
a 3 acre picture, that would take hours to download at your current connection,
you can dump it with Webmail, so that you can get at the mail queued after it.

The Webmail program is on the server, and you can access your
YOU@ address from any Cyber Cafe, hotel, friend's place,
anywhere, where you can get onto the net with a browser.

Because the Webmail program is on a far away server, and because you
might be on a much slower connection than at home or the office, the Webmail
program is not as full featured as a POP email program, however, it is a tool
that you should insist on in addition to POP, but never instead of POP.

Popular Email programs that you can use with your address
Each one links to a description of it on Wikipedia
Claws Mail
Kerio WebMail
Lotus Notes
Mozilla Thunderbird
Opera Mail
Microsoft Entourage
Microsoft Office Outlook
Novell Evolution
Outlook Express
Pegasus Mail
Windows Live Mail
Windows Mail